Submit Your Prayer Requests

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. Matthew 21:22

There is no sickness that can’t be healed. There is no burden that can’t be lifted. There is no storm that can’t be withered. There is no devastation that can’t be relieved. There is no sorrow that can’t be erased. There is no poverty cycle that cannot be broken. There is no sinner that can’t be saved. There is no perishing that can’t be rescued. There is no fallen that can’t be lifted. There is no hurt that cannot be removed. There is no broken relationship that cannot be mended. There is no difference that cannot be dissolved. There is no hindrance that can’t be shaken. There is no limitation that cannot be assaulted.

There is no mourning that cannot be comforted. There are no ashes that cannot become beauty. There is no heaviness that can’t be covered with the garment of praise. There is no thirst that can’t be quenched. There is no hunger that can’t be filled. There is no dry ground that can’t be flooded. There is no desert that can’t blossom. There is no congregation that can’t be revived. There is no preacher that can’t be unctionized. There are no church pews that can’t be filled. There is no church board that cannot become one. There is no community that can’t be Christianized. There is no nation that cannot be transfigured.

There is nothing, there is nothing, there is nothing, there is nothing, that God cannot do by prayer…

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